Coach Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Create your account at (no credit card required; active student fee waived for first 30 days).
  2. Invite your students to connect.
  3. Add lessons to your schedule.
  4. Invite connected students to lessons.
  5. Set up in-app payments (optional, requires a checking account).
  6. Download the mobile app.

USER GUIDE: Invite Students

You can invite students using the online web portal at or you can invite them via the mobile app–be sure to tap SEND INVITES if using the mobile app. Enter your student’s first & last name and an email address.

Your students will receive an email inviting them to create an account to connect with you in Coach Concierge. Coach Concierge is free for students and no credit card is required to sign up.

Students must accept your invite to connect before:

  • You can invite them to a lesson.
  • They can see your available lessons.
  • You can charge them for lessons and invoices.

USER GUIDE: Scheduling Lessons

You can add lessons to your schedule by logging in at or you can add lessons in the mobile app.

Create private, semi-private, or group lessons; manage your schedule at multiple rinks or facilities; and even create off-ice lessons.

You set the rate per student for each lesson, so your rate can vary depending on the facility, type of lesson, number of students in the lesson, etc.

When you invite a student to a lesson, it will remain OPEN until the invited student confirms. If a student who is not invited sees an OPEN LESSON on your schedule, they may send a request for that lesson time (even if you have already invited other students who have not yet confirmed). You will then have the option to accept or decline the student request if you wish to hold the time for a specific student. You are always in control of your schedule.

There is no limit to the number of students you can invite to a lesson, so you can invite more than the lesson capacity. When sending invites above the lesson capacity, we recommend adding a notation in the LESSON NOTES or DESCRIPTION to let your students know that spots will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. If any student attempts to accept an invitation after the capacity has been met, they will see a message stating that all spots have been filled.

When a skater’s name is green, the lesson is confirmed. When the name is yellow, the skater has requested the lesson and is waiting for you to accept or decline their request.

In the lesson details, you can see: if a student has canceled a lesson, if a student has sent a request & is waiting for your response, who has confirmed, and if there are any pending invitations that you sent to students.

Find the lesson on the SCHEDULE. Select the lesson you wish to update. Click UPDATE in the top right corner. Make your desired changes. Then click DONE in the top right corner.

Find the lesson on the SCHEDULE. Select the lesson you wish to cancel. Touch UPDATE in the top right corner. Click CANCEL LESSON and then CONTINUE. You will then be prompted to enter a reason for cancelling that your students will see (i.e., sick). If the lesson is part of a series, you will be prompted to cancel: “only this lesson,” “from this lesson until…,” “or all lessons in the series.” Your student(s) will receive a text notification that you cancelled the lesson.

You will receive a text notification if a student cancels. The lesson will now appear as OPEN and be visible to any students who are looking for open lessons. In the lesson details, you can see the name of the student who canceled. This student cannot re-request this lesson unless you select REOPEN LESSON. This clears the student from being blocked if the cancellation was an error or the student has a change of plans.

To draw attention to an open lesson, you can invite any students who may want the extra time. You can always invite more than the limited number of spaces, but keep in mind that the space will then be awarded to the student who confirms first. We recommend that if inviting multiple students to a single open space, touch UPDATE & add to the lesson details something like: “This spot will be awarded to the first student who confirms.” Then invite as many students as you want. If any student attempts to accept an invitation after the capacity has been met, they will see a message stating that all spots have been filled.

Students can view Open Lessons, including lessons that have pending invites or requests. They cannot see confirmed lessons with other students, and they cannot see if you have invited another student or if another student has requested the lesson. This reduces the amount of back-and-forth communication if students want to book extra time or if they need to reschedule a lesson. You always have the option to Accept or Decline lesson requests from students.

While your connected students will see all unconfirmed lessons as “Open Lesson,” there are ways to note that the lesson is not actually open to all students. In place of the facility or rink, you can note a particular student’s first name or make a note that the spot is reserved. In the example below, this is what a student sees if the facility is listed as “Reserved – Do Not Request.”

If you want to track lessons and payments for someone who doesn’t have the app, you can create your own skater account using a different email than the one you use for your coach’s account. You can then confirm the lesson as the skater in order to track lesson times and payments. You can give your student a name or a label. In this example, the student’s name is “Guest Student.”

The Action Needed list allows you to respond quickly and easily to lesson requests from your students. You can click an item to see the details and respond to the request.

When you login to the mobile app, if you have any pending lesson requests, you see them listed below the calendar of the current month under the ACTION NEEDED banner. You will only see this section if you have any pending lesson requests. If nothing is pending, you won’t see the banner.

Your students also have an ACTION NEEDED list that includes lesson invitations that you send, unpaid invoices, and requests to connect with another coach.

Coach Concierge uses Stripe, a world leader in mobile payments. Stripe fully complies with the highest security standards in the payments industry. Companies like Lyft, Target, Facebook, use Stripe. Learn more about Stripe here. Coach Concierge employees and users do not have access to your financial information.

USER GUIDE: Lesson Payments

USER GUIDE: Invoicing Students

If you decide to accept in-app payments, you will enter your checking account information so that payments can be directly deposited to your account. If you don’t accept in-app payments, you can still track lesson payments and send invoices.

If you accept in-app payments, students will have the option to enter a credit card to pay you instantly via the app. All in-app charges incur a small convenience fee. In order for coaches to keep 100% of their earnings, students pay this fee in addition to your rate. For example, your student would pay $52.58 for a $50 lesson.

As a coach, you can process in-app lesson payments for lessons confirmed in the app or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. You may also record payments received by another method for both lessons and invoices. If a student wishes to pay in-app for an invoice, the student must make the payment in the app.

Students have the ability to make in-app payments for lessons and invoices.

Before recording or processing a payment, you have the option to change the amount and to add a note about the payment for you and your student’s records. This allows you to track details such as check number, specific payment details, or note why the amount is adjusted.

To create a new invoice. Select INVOICES and then CREATE. You select the student you are invoicing and fill out the details. Once you save the invoice, your student will automatically be notified via text, and the invoice will appear in your student’s Action Needed list until the student makes an in-app payment or you mark the invoice as paid by another method.

USER GUIDE: Changing Amount Due for a Lesson

Find the lesson in the student’s list of Unpaid Lessons. Tap the lesson to view the lesson details.

Click on the edit icon () next to the Lesson Total, and change the amount to $0.00 or to another amount. Tap BACK once you have made the adjustment.

Select the lesson you are processing.

You can write a note with the reason for the rate change, then process or record the payment.

Note: If you have changed the amount to $0, you must record the payment as paid through another method.

Find the payment under LESSON or INVOICE HISTORY, and click on the incorrect payment. Click on REFUND in the top right corner. It will prompt you to send an email. When you click EMAIL, it will automatically generate an email to with the details of the lesson already filled in. You only need to input the reason for the refund, then send the email.

Coaches pay $1.50 per month per active student. An active student is one who has completed a lesson during the month. You are not charged for simply connecting with a student, allowing you to keep your connections with students who you do not coach every month. The charge is per student, not per lesson, so if a student takes multiple lessons within the month, you only pay $1.50 for that student.

You are only charged for up to 30 students, a maximum monthly charge of $45. You can connect with an unlimited number of students and you will not be billed for 31+ students.

When creating a new account, the active student fee is waived for the first 30 days. You do not have to enter a credit card to start using Coach Concierge. However, you will be prompted to enter a credit card at the end of the 30 day period to pay for any future active student fees.

Our friendly support team is here to help.

Email us at or schedule a phone call here.

About The Team

Coach Concierge was developed by an entrepreneurial team from all corners of the skating business who understands the needs of coaches, skaters, and parents:

Louis Vachon
Coach and choreographer of national champion and medalist ice theatre teams

Robyn Achilles
Skater, parent of two skaters and program manager

Sabrina Fitzsimmons
Skater and former assistant rink manager

Todd Achilles
Long-time technology executive and rink chauffeur for his family of skaters

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