Accepting Lesson Invitations

When your coach invites you to a lesson you will receive a text message with the date of your invitation.

Log in to the app, select that date on your calendar, and you will see the pending invitation as Invite – Reply Needed. Tap the invitation to see the details.

Review the lesson details, and either Accept or Decline your coach’s invitation.

NOTE: A coach may invite more students to a lesson time than there is space available. In this case, the skater(s) who respond first will receive the lesson.

If your coach invites you to a lesson time that repeats, you will be prompted to confirm Only This Lesson or Select Lessons…

Choose the lesson dates that you wish to confirm.

Once you accept an invitation, the lesson will show up as Confirmed in your schedule.

If you need to cancel, select Cancel in the lesson details, and your coach will be automatically notified of the cancellation.

Any lessons you do not accept will remain as a pending invitation for both you and your coach.

To clear the lesson, select Decline. You will again be prompted to decline Only This Lesson or Select Lessons

Your coach will automatically receive a text message any time you accept or decline an invitation.