Invoicing Students

You can invoice your students for competition fees and expenses, testing, music editing, travel, tuition/prepaid lessons, administrative fee (such as app fee) and other expenses. Students can elect to pay through the app or pay by another method.


Select Invoices and view the Unpaid tab to see a list of students with unpaid invoices.

Tap Create to send a new invoice.


Select the student to receive the invoice and fill out the invoice details.

Click Save, and the invoice will automatically be sent to your student.


To review what a student owes, click on their name in the Unpaid Invoices list. You see a list of items to be paid.


You can click on an invoice item to edit the amount or delete the invoice.


To record payment received, select the invoice item(s) and tap Confirm Payment.


You can make a note and record payment received. Unlike for lessons, you cannot process invoice payments on behalf of your student. If your student wishes to pay via the app, they must approve the transaction.