Lesson Payments

You can instantly charge your students for lessons through Coach Concierge. Students can pay through the app or pay by another method.


Tap the Payments icon, then Lessons.


Tap Unpaid to see a list of students who have unpaid lessons and the total amount each student owes.

Tap a student’s name to see a breakdown of what they owe.


You see a list of unpaid lessons. Click on a lesson to see more details or to change the amount to be charged.

Check next to the lesson(s) you wish to process or record. Click Confirm Payment.


You have the option to add a note about a payment by clicking on the    edit icon. This allows you to record a check number, a reason for paying an adjusted amount, or anything else you wish to record for yours and your student’s information.


If your student has a credit card on file, you can process lesson payments. Your student will pay a small convenience fee in addition to the charge of the lesson. This allows you to keep 100% of your income.


Once you process or record a payment, it moves from Unpaid to History.