Scheduling Lessons


In the month view, tap the day of the week you want to start scheduling lessons, and it takes you to this view.

Touch the + button to start scheduling.


Fill in the lesson details.

You may choose to Invite Students as part of the lesson details.

If setting up a repeating lesson, any invited students will be invited to all lessons within the series.

If you do not wish to invite the same student(s) to the entire series, simply touch Done to create an Open Lesson. (Skip the next image for details on inviting students to specific lessons.)


When inviting students, select the student(s) you wish to invite.

Touch Done to return to the Create Lesson screen, then Done a second time to send the invite and save the lesson details.

Voila, your lesson is created! The lesson appears as Open until the skater accepts your invitation.

Once the skater accepts, you will receive a text message and the lesson will show Confirmed.

To invite students to an Open Lesson, select that lesson on your calendar.


Select Invite Students, and choose which student(s) to invite.


If the lesson repeats, you will be prompted to send the invitation for Only This Lesson, which sends the invitation only for the day you selected, or Select Lessons…


You may Select All or select specific dates for your invitation. Touch Done to finalize the invitation. Your skater will automatically be notified via text any time you send an invitation.