Student & Parent Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive an email from a coach with a link to create your account online which includes:

  1. Email & password
  2. Skater information
  3. Optional in-app payments — If your coach accepts in-app payments, you can enter a credit card if you would like to pay via the Coach Concierge app (see Payments section below).

After setting up your account, download and begin using the mobile app to request, accept, and cancel lessons; receive invoices from your coach; make in-app payments; and see balances due.

You will receive a text notifying you that your coach has invited you to a lesson on a certain date. Login to the Coach Concierge mobile app, and you’ll see the invite under the “Action Needed” banner. Click on the lesson to review the details and choose to ACCEPT or DECLINE. Your coach will automatically be notified of your decision. If the lesson time repeats, you will have the option to accept the lessons all at once so that you don’t have to return to the app each week to confirm your lessons.

  • A dot underneath the date means you have a confirmed or pending lesson on that date.
  • When the skater’s name is green, the lesson is confirmed.
  • Yellow means your reply is needed — your coach has invited you to a lesson.
  • Black signifies that you have requested this lesson time and are awaiting confirmation from your coach.

USER GUIDE: Requesting Lessons

YES! Go to COACHES, select your coach, then select SCHEDULE. You will see your coach’s monthly calendar.

If there is a dot underneath a date, there is an open lesson on that day. Select the date to see the details of what is available. Select the lesson you wish to request, review the details of the lesson, then click SEND REQUESTS. Choose the student from your account who will be taking the class, then select DONE in the top right corner. Your coach will automatically be notified of your request. The lesson will appear in your calendar as “Unconfirmed.” You will be notified via text when your coach either accepts or declines the requested lesson. Only after your coach confirms will it appear as “Confirmed” in your schedule.

You can cancel an individual lesson or multiple lessons in a series. Select the lesson in the app and click CANCEL. Your coach will automatically be notified of the cancellation. Remember that depending on your coach’s policy, you may be charged for a late cancellation if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.


Tracking Payments — Your coach can track payments via the app even if you pay via another method like cash or check.

In-App Payments — If your coach accepts in-app payments, you can enter a credit card if you would like the option to pay via the Coach Concierge app. All in-app payments incur a small credit card fee. In order for coaches to keep 100% of their earnings, this fee is added to the rate being charged by your coach.

Lesson Payments: You or your coach may initiate in-app lesson payments. To make a payment, select PAYMENTS and choose LESSONS. You will see your skater’s name with the total amount owed, select to view the breakdown of what is owed. You can select an item to review further details, or check the box to make a payment. Click CONFIRM PAYMENT (this does not finalize your payment but allows you to review the transaction total before finalizing payment).

Invoice Payments: Your coach can send an invoice for anything ranging from competition and music fees to last-minute lessons or administrative fees. Invoices appear under the “Action Needed” banner when you login. You can make the payment the same way as you would a lesson payment, but unlike lesson payments, your coach cannot process an in-app invoice payment for you. You must review the invoice and process the in-app payment or pay your coach in person.

Receipts: You will receive an email receipt from Coach Concierge for all in-app payments. Charges made by your coach through Coach Concierge will show up on your credit card like the example below:

Refunds: If you have a question about a charge or want a refund, first talk to your coach. You can also email

Coach Concierge uses Stripe, a world leader in mobile payments. Stripe fully complies with the highest security standards in the payments industry. Companies like Lyft, Target, Facebook, use Stripe. Learn more about Stripe here. Your coach and Coach Concierge employees do not have access to your financial information.

Let your coach know if you feel that a charge was made in error or if you want to pay via another method. Your coach will submit a refund request. Please allow 5-10 business days to process the refund.

Go to SETTINGS, select STUDENTS, and use the BLUE “+” button to add an additional skater. Or click on an existing skater to make any updates to that skater’s profile.

Yes, if you have more than one coach using Coach Concierge. Additional coaches will send you an invitation via email. Click on the invitation in the email, and login using your current Coach Concierge account, and you will be connected. Or, you can accept their invite in the mobile app under COACHES and INVITES.

Our friendly support team is here to help.

Email us at or schedule a phone call here.

About The Team

Coach Concierge was developed by an entrepreneurial team from all corners of the skating business who understands the needs of coaches, skaters, and parents:

Louis Vachon
Coach and choreographer of national champion and medalist ice theatre teams

Robyn Achilles
Skater, parent of two skaters and program manager

Sabrina Fitzsimmons
Skater and former assistant rink manager

Todd Achilles
Long-time technology executive and rink chauffeur for his family of skaters

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